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Admin Inactivity

Ciaossu people! Since most wikis have this rule, should we have it as well? It's for admins only.

If an admin is without an excuse and became inactive for 60 days, (s)he will be stripped of admin rights.

Is that okay?

This as well. Fallen Wings, the founder of the wiki, is no longer active. Should we remove his/her admin rights? I mean, what will the rights do if the user that has it is not active? Understand, guys?

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For Fallen Wings, (s)he crat I believe can be demote, since

A. No longer active and even log in to Wikia

B. You both agree for stripping the rights

Next step will be contacting the staff on this.

Other thing, who's up for chat now?

Well then, about Fallen Wings is done.

But the rules, who agrees?