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VisualEditor Activation

Ciaossu! It's Silver here, people.

Everyone knows that there's the new VisualEditor, right? And it is stated in the page that it makes editing easier, right? So, I'm here to know who will agree to activate the VisualEditor. Comment below to vote. Clear?

Pardon on how I ask since I really don't know how to communicate properly with more than a single person at a time

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Yeah,  Wikia roll out the new editor called Visual Editor. As for the claims of it making the editing process easier, I beg to differ. For new editors, maybe, but for me... I have been on wiki since last year, so I prefer the old source mode, in which, I set my preferences to double-click and edit in source mode. Need elaborate more? The VE so annoying, the lagging time to even open the editor just soooooo dum dum dum....and there's another, you can't publish your edits, even a minor one without leaving a comment/summary of what you did, I mean, seriously, in source mode, the usual way, just click on the minor edit is enough, then its all publish. Anyway, that's just me and my opinions, and I don't like VE, so NO.

We actually have the same opinion Miyan, but I opened this just in case there's anyone who wants to make things uh... easier for the newbies. But I more used in source mode. The remaining vote belongs to Aci-chan. I know the future result but I can't close it yet due to Aci-chan having not voted yet. She's still active.


Yeah, we vote for democracy here, so lets wait for Aci's opinion.

Although, if the final decision enable the VE, its still find by me, if this can attract more new editors coming here to contribute. I mean, I can just choose the source mode from the edit button, sacrifice a bit time for the loading may worth it if attract more new users. (This just my thought and a bit observation, but mostly people on anime wikis are almost the similar person, so lol)

Sure then, let's hope Aci-chan tells us her opinion.


I'm sorry for not seeing this earlier, but I'm all for it.

So, thanks a lot Aci-chan for your answer. I'm sorry I wasn't able to see it immediately but, here are the results:



Apparently, we'll be activating the VisualEditor mode. Thank you all for your votes.