This page listed the 40 yard dash records set by the players according to their respective teams.

Deimon Devil Bats

Deimon Devil Bats
Big devil bat
Player Record (s)
Sena Kobayakawa
  • 4.2 seconds
  • 4.1 seconds ( during the match between Oujo White Knights )
Yoichi Hiruma 5.1 seconds
Ryokan Kurita 6.5 seconds
Taro Raimon 5.0 seconds
Manabu Yukimitsu 5.6 seconds
Daikichi Komusubi 5.2 seconds
Tetsuo Ishimaru 4.9 seconds
Kazuki Jumonji 5.5 seconds
Koji Kuroki 5.1 seconds
Shozo Togano 5.5 seconds
Natsuhiko Taki 5.1 seconds
Musashi 5.6 seconds

Ojo White Knights

Ojo White Knights
Player Record (s)
Shin Seijuro 4.2 seconds
Haruto Sakuraba 4.86 seconds
Takami Ichiro 5.7 seconds
Otawara Makoto 5.4 seconds

Seibu Wild Gunmans

Seibu Wild Gunmans
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Player Record (s)
Shien Mushanokoji (The Kid) 5.6 seconds
Jo Tetsuma 5.0 seconds
Kaitani Riku 4.5 seconds

Nasa Aliens

Nasa Aliens
Player Record (s)
Patrick "Panther" Spencer 4.1 seconds
Jeremy Watt 4.8 seconds
Homer Fitzgerald 4.9 seconds

Shinryūji Naga

Shinryuji Naga
Player Record (s)
Agon Kongo 4.6 seconds
Unsui Kongo 4.9 seconds
Ikkyu Hosokawa 4.9 seconds backwards

Kyoshin Poseidon

Kyoshin Poseidon
Player Record (s)
Shun Kakei 4.7 seconds
Kengo Mizumachi 5.0 seconds

Teikoku Alexanders

Teikoku Alexander
Player Record (s)
Takeru Yamato
  • 4.25 seconds (Caesar's Charge)
  • 4.2 seconds (full speed one step Caesar's Charge)
Karin Koizumi 4.9 seconds
Honjo Taka 4.8 seconds

Team USA

Team USA
Player Record (s)
Clifford D. Louis 4.2 seconds
Bud Walker 4.4 seconds

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