Atsushi Munakata
Character information
Rōmaji Munakata Atsushi
Kanji 胸肩厚
Gender Male
Age 18
Bench press 115 kg 
Year 3rd year
40 Yard Dash 5.3 seconds  
Position Captain/Linebacker  
Team Amino Cyborgs
Voice actors
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Munakata Atsushi (胸肩厚, Munakata Atsushi) is the strong-built team captain and linebacker of the Amino Cyborgs.


His face is chiseled, and his ever-present confident smile gives him an almost artificial appearance. He is tall and has a well built body due to his medical knowledge.


He was also the team captain of Amino's basketball and soccer clubs, winning the championships of those sports. He states that the purpose of winning a different championship each year is to make the world aware of the capabilities of the medical science program at Amino High School. He is very intelligent for a high school student, presumably knowledgeable in the field of medicine and also good at devising strategies to defeat individual teams and players.


Being in a Medical school, each year Amino High School dominates a new sport. That year was American football. He uses medical science to build 'perfect' muscles by exercising for the optimum muscle growth instead of using repition and hard work. He himself trains believing that he can stop Eyeshield 21 after watching numerous clips of him running and analyzing his run. When the game against Deimon Devil Bats start, the Amino team takes the lead, overpowering Deimon's defensive linemen. After their coach, Doburoku Sakaki teaches them to push with their hips again, the Amino line gets pushed back and Deimon gains first down. As the game progresses, Amino keeps the lead, pressuring Monta and Tetsuo Ishimaru, turning the score into 14-12. Eyeshield 21 then makes his appearance, flying off a motorcycle and landing onto the field. He and Sena go head to head, where he believes he will come out ontop because of his training. However, he makes a mistake when facing Sena, because he believes the running back must stop just before making a cut to avoid a tackle - a weakness that disappeared when Sena developed the Devil Bat Ghost before the tournament. When his team is on the verge of defeat, he suffers a nervous breakdown because his faith in medical science has failed.


  • Route Direction - Both Shin and Panther instinctively use this technique to lead opposing players toward them. Munakata shifts his position slightly in order to get the runner to go in the opposite direction, then Munakata tackles the player as he slows down to make a cut.
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Manager/Cheerleader Nasu Hakui
Captain Atsushi Munakata
Lineman Suguru Aoyanagi
Cornerback (CB) Naosumi Kadoguchi
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