Buffarō (Buffalo) Ushijima
Buharou ushijima
Character information
Kanji バッファロー牛島
Gender Male
Birthday October 27th
Blood type B
Height 186cm (6'1)
Weight 104kg
Bench press 120kg
Affiliation Seibu Wild Gunmen
Year 3rd
Jersey 94
40 Yard Dash 5.5
Position Lineman
Team Seibu Wild Gunmen
Chapter 137th Down
Voice actors
Japanese Kazuya Sueiyoshi
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Buharou Ushijima (バッファロー牛島 Baffarō Ushijima) is a dread locked, large lineman for Seibu, he is one of the few defense-oriented players on the mostly offensive team.

However, as delinquent as his style appears to be, the Hah Hah Brothers (particularly Jumonji) use their own delinquent defensive abilities to block him and allow for their offense to break through him.




Autumn Tournament Arc

Kanto Tournament

Youth World Cup Arc


  • Baffarō Ushijima Using the training period at the team ranch in the United States, he chooses to master a more gripping style to destroy the offense of other teams by means of the "Dual Bison Horn".
  • Twin Horns - First, he punches the opponents side with his right arm. Then, he crushes the opponents chest with an upward left punch. Using both of his arms earns the technique the nickname "Twin Horns.
  • Air Horns - Essentially a variant of Twin Horns. It is meant to block any airborne technique such as the Devil Bat Dive. However, it's effectiveness was never shown as he was tackled down before it could catch Sena in flight.