(猪狩 大吾Ikari Daigo) Otherwise known as the delinquent, "Prison Chain Ikari." A silver-haired freshman on the White Knights team, plays mostly on the defensive line with Otawara. Ikari is kept chained up because irrational behavior, which is mainly because he takes a lot of pride being part of Ojo High. He has no respect toward the graduated 'Golden Generation' members, since he never played with them. He managed to get himself ejected from his first game against the Sankaku Punks by attacking their coach, who had just insulted Sakuraba. He never plays in a game until the match with Deimon.

Ikari finally gets to play in the game between Ojo and Deimon; Shin has brought forth the idea that the Knights throw everything they've got at the Bats. Prior to this game, he finally broke free of his chains, being allowed to play alongside the other White Knights in their climactic showdown.

On the very first play of the Ojo-Deimon game, in which Sena's running the opening kickoff back, Ikari preempt Shin's Trident tackle with a tackle of his own — resembling Kenshiro's fighting style, specifically the Hokuto Hyaku Retsu Ken . However, when the play was blown dead, Ikari wasn't done — he charged headlong for Sena again to finish him off. Had it not been for Jumonji, the Bats linesman blocking him, Sena would have been injured.

Throughout the remainder of the game, Ikari spends most of the time brawling with Jumonji on the field, and had assists in several key plays. In the end, his first game proved to be his last for the season as the Devil Bats win in the final second. He is later seen as a spectator during the Kanto Finals, back in chains again.

  • Position:Defensive Lineman
  • Jersey:66
  • Bench Press:120 Kg
  • 40 yard dash:????

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