The Devilbat with personality not unlike Hiruma, often only called as 'Devilbat'. Usually

Big devil bat

seen explaining things to the reader or answering questions. The official mascot of Deimon Devil Bats who can spit fire, shoot lasers from his eyes, and fly haphazardly (in imaginations). It also appear during many of Sena Kobayakawa's Techniques' sequence, inspires many names of Sena's and other team members' techniques. In a poll to decide which animal the fans like to keep as a pet more, Devilbat won with minor votes more than Cerberus.

view · talk · edit Deimon Devil Bats Team
Coach Doburoku Sakaki
Manager Mamori Anezaki
Players Yoichi HirumaSena KobayakawaRyokan KuritaTaro RaimonGen "Musashi" TakekuraKazuki JumonjiKoji KurokiShozo ToganoDaikichi KomusubiManabu YukimitsuTetsuo IshimaruYohei SatakeKenta YamaokaFutoshi OmosadakeAkira NakaboNatsuhiko Taki
Cheerleader Suzuna Taki
Mascots Big devil bat Deimon Devil Bat (Big)Deimon Devil Bat (Small)CerberusPig-Berus

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