Devil Bat Ghost
Character information
Team Deimon Devil Bats
Chapter Chapter 98
Episode Episode 42
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A running technique used mostly by Sena. Learned during the Death March, the user turns without slowing down, allowing them to pass players without stopping and maintaining speed.

He shortens his steps, stepping in one direction and then crossing over with the other foot. This causing the linebacker to be unsure of which direction they will run and leaves a ghosty image of them in fornt of the linebacker after they've dodged.

Persons seen using Devil Bat Ghost:

Sena Kobayakawa. Used frequently.

Agon Kongo. Used against Sena during match against Deimon.

Yamato Takeru. Used against Sena with four ghosts instead of one.


  • The Devil Bat Ghost technique is quite simply, a juke in American Football.