The Everest Pass is a catching technique used by Haruto Sakuraba and Ichiro Takami . The technique was created to make use of Sakuraba's tall stature. Takami will throw the ball high into the air, at an angel over the field, and Sakuraba will use his long limbs to catch it. Because the pass is at such a height other teams can't stop it even if they know where it will be. Unlike his rival Monta , Sakuraba still relies on seeing the ball . This is the pass's weakness, if he can not see he has trouble receiving the pass. This technique was named when the Ojo White Knights went to Mt. Fuji to train. The name comes from the fact that just like Mt. Everest is the highest mountain, their pass is the highest.

This technique is also a parent to the following techniques:

  • Twin Tower Arrow: A more advanced version used during the World Youth Cup. This version has Sakuraba jump up high and spin himself similar to the screw bite.
  • Sagittarius: The everest pass + The Trident Tackle adds up to Shin on offensive blocking with the Trident Tackle while Sakuraba catches the Everest Pass.

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