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Devil Bats team

The Deimon Devil Bats is the American football team representing Deimon Private Senior High School. The team consists of the main protagonists of the Eyeshield 21 series. Initially formed with just three members, the team gains new members across the course of the series, eventually growing into a complete team. Some players are Sena Kobayakawa, Yoichi Hiruma, Taro Raimon, and Ryokan Kurita...


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Sena Kobayakawa

Sena Kobayakawa (小早川 瀬那, Kobayakawa Sena) is the main character of Eyeshield 21. He is a student at Deimon High School who is forcefully recruited by Yoichi Hiruma to become the running back for the school's American football team, the Deimon Devil Bats. To hide his amazing running ability from the school's other clubs, Hiruma disguises Sena's identity with a green eyeshield while he plays, and has him use the series eponymous code name "Eyeshield 21".


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Eyeshield 21-devilbat1st Down

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Sena Kobayakawa passes the Deimon High School entrance exam and gets invited by Yoichi Hiruma and Ryokan Kurita into joining the American Football club. A day later, three bullies get angered by him and start chasing him, showing his true talent...

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