Gondayū Yamabushi
Gondayu yamabushi
Character information
Rōmaji Yamabushi Gondayū
Kanji 山伏権太夫
Gender Male
Age 18
Affiliation Shinryuji Naga
Year 3rd Year
Position Line
Team Shinryuji Naga
Chapter 49th Down
Voice actors
Japanese Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi
Image gallery

Gondayu Yamabushi (山伏権太夫 Yamabushi Gondayū) is a Linemen and the Captain of the Shinryuji Naga




One of the senior members of the Naga team, as he is referred to as Yabushi-sempai by Unsui and others. A very skilled lineman, he is the center (literally and by position) of the line for offense and defense. According to his coach, he is more skilled than Kurita, almost a match for Kurita in power, and faster than Kurita. During his freshman year, Yamabushi was noted alongside fellow receiver Doujirou Tenma as the future of the team. However, as skilled as he was, the lineman was embarrassed when Tenma was recruited for the all-stars of Teikoku instead of himself. He is one of the three Shinryuji players crushed at the end of the Naga-Devilbats game by Kurita's game-ending powerdrive. In spite of his team's legendary success, Yamabushi is generally unfazed by the aura of the Shinryuji team and treats even his opponents with respect, especially Kurita. With the end of his final season, Yamabushi defers the future of the team to Ikkyu and Unsui.

Character Statistics:

  • Position: Center/ Nose Guard
  • Student.
  • Oldest looking player in Team Japan


  • Elbow Tackle(Shiver Hit): Focusing his strength on the elbow, he strike opposition using his speed. It works against Kurita, who stronger than him but has subtantially less speed.


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Coach Sumito Sendoda
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