Gonzales (Big Brother)
Big gonzales
Character information
Rōmaji ニーサン・ゴンザレス
Gender Male
Affiliation Nasa Aliens/Nasa Shuttles
Jersey 50
Position Center/Guard
Team Nasa Aliens/Nasa Shuttles
Voice actors
Japanese Kanenari Kiminobu
Image gallery

Gonzales (Big Brother) (ニーサン・ゴンザレス Nīsan Gonzalez) The largest member on the Nasa Aliens, (even bigger than Kurita), he plays center on the line. His massive size and crushing power will reduce any lesser player to pulp. However, his slow speed makes it easy for faster opponents to dodge. His catch-phrase is "Big Useful!" Before going to Japan, he wanted to get a kanji tattoo which meant 'big and useful guy.' He asked Watt about the kanji for 'big' and 'useful.' However, (due to a mis-translation by Watt), when putting those two kanji together, the end result was "Big Shit" In the end, his tattoo means "Big Shit" Guy.




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