Gonzales (Little Brother)
Little gonzales
Character information
Kanji オットー・ゴンザレス
Gender Male
Affiliation Nasa Aliens/Nasa Shuttles
Jersey 70
Position Linebacker
Team Nasa Aliens/Nasa Shuttles
Voice actors
Japanese Akio Seki
Image gallery

Gonzales (Little Brother) (オットー・ゴンザレス Otto Gonzalez) Though lacking in size and overall strength of his sibling, the younger Gonzales makes up for it in speed and tenacity. He's about the same size as Komusubi. He admires his brother and wanted to be known as the Small Helpful Guy. In a way, he is to his big brother like Komusubi is to Kurita. His catch-phrase is, "Don't look down on me!" Unfortunately, he went to Watt for a kanji tattoo as well and the kanji for 'small' and 'helpful' translates as Piss, and that gives him the title of Little Piss Guy. He is also easily fooled by handoff fakes.




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