Hakushū Dinosaurs
Hakushu Dinosaurs Logo
Team information
Members Reiji Maruko
Rikiya Gao
Hiromi Kisaragi
Captain Reiji Maruko
Manager Maruko Himuro
Jersey Color green and black. Thick slashes of a dark colour adorn the whole jersey and helmets.
Mascot A tyrannosaurus with stripes down its back.
Helmet Logo Two eyes peer out on the front of the helmets as well, and a row of sharp teeth is just above the facemask.
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The Hakushu Dinosaurs (白秋ダイナソーズ Hakushū Dainosōzu?) are a team from the SIC region (Saitama, Ibaraki, and Chiba), participating for the first time in the Kantō Tournament.they lost in the Final in the Kanto Tournament against the Deimon Devil Bat


The Hakushu Dinosaur are the Champion of the SIC District, where they crushed the local "Four Heavenly Kings"

Their playstyle is using raw force to cripple their enemies and crush their defense. Their strongest lineman, Rikiya Gao, is famous for having rows of quarterbacks in his dead list; the fact is that they win most of their games by crushing their enemies' quarterbacks, crippling them and forcing them to forfeit.


Reiji "Marco" Maruko

Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita

(円子令司, Maruko Reiji)The Dinosaurs' quarterback and captain, Marco is a suave-appearing man who ambitiously dreams of winning the Christmas Bowl, yet when encountered by a strong opponent he acts panicked and frightened. He calls himself "Marco" because he feels his real name sounds like a girl's name, and also wears an Italian suit to match his Italian nickname. In his first year in middle school, he joined the American football team, and also courted Maruko Himuro, who is two years older than him. To impress her, he vowed to win the Christmas Bowl, to show her the "morning sunshine after a victory." He led Hakushu to the SIC District Championship later that year, and then began studying the great teams at the high school level. His teammates encouraged him to give up on his dream of winning the Christmas Bowl because of the strength of the undefeated Teikoku Alexanders, and after witnessing the team play, Marco despaired, realizing that the chances of defeating Teikoku were slim. He became determined to defeat Teikoku using strength, and recruited Gao to accomplish this. He even used Gao's tremendous power to injure opposing players, a strategy that Himuro came to dislike him for.

Marco's skill as a throwing quarterback is never established, as Hakushu's offense is based entirely on him taking the snap and following Gao's block as the large lineman plows through the defense using the "North-South Game". On defense, Marco's skill comes from his ability to follow ball movements and react to them. He can see through a runner's feints, and given the smallest opportunity can steal an unsecured ball using his signature "Screw Bite" technique. He is also able to act as a "Quarterback Spy", precisely following the opposing quarterback's movements and reacting to them. While his strategies are simple and brutal, Marco is effective at determining how to direct his team's defense to stop their opponents, whether by deliberately injuring the quarterback or by sending a defender to mark a player.

Rikiya Gao

(峨王 力哉, Gaou Rikiya)Although a rookie to American football, Gao is one of the two most powerful linemen in Japanese high school, purely because of his tremendous strength. He is two meters tall and has a monstrous, caveman-like appearance, with long wild black hair, red marks on his cheeks, and a large scar on his forehead. He holds the Japanese bench press record with over two hundred kilograms and is capable of destroying furniture, tearing metal guardrails, and breaking normal people's bones with his bare hands; he wears a titanium alloy mouthpiece because his powerful jaw tears apart ordinary ones. Gao claims to have searched for someone who can match his power for his entire life, and joined the football team because Marco promised him that the most powerful teams in the country possess such individuals. He has little respect for those not willing to face him directly and tremendous respect for those who do even if they are crushed, including the lineman Banba, the aces of Seibu, and Hiruma. He also honors the rules of American football and will not tackle a player who does not have the ball. Gao becomes interested in Kurita just prior to the Kanto Tournament finals, believing like many that Kurita is capable of matching or even surpassing his strength. However, once the match begins, even though Kurita succeeds in holding back Gao temporarily, Gao states that Kurita lacks "killing intent," and is thus unable to match his strength. Gao crushes Hiruma, breaking Hiruma's right throwing arm and temporarily knocking him out of the game. Although Gao first believes this will unleash Kurita's inner strength, it at first traumatizes him, severely weakening him. Kurita eventually unleashes his inner strength, not out of anger as Gao predicts but for the sake of protecting his friends, and for the remainder of the game the two compete fiercely. On the final play of the game, Kurita defeats Gao and knocks him onto his back, allowing the Devil Bats to score the winning two-point conversion.

Hiromi Kisaragi

(如月 ヒロミ, Kisaragi Hiromi)Kisaragi is a frail and effeminate player known as the "left arm of Hakushu". He is just as obsessed with strength if not more than the rest of his team, and he frequently states that "strength is beautiful". Kisaragi has been picked on all of his life because of his weak, feminine appearance, and he is envious of those with physical strength. Despite his below-average strength and merely average speed and jumping ability, he is a skilled cornerback because of his "Pteroclaw" technique, in which he disrupts a receiver's catch attempt by wrapping his slender arm around the receiver's and tearing the ball away. Kisaragi met Gao because the two share a locker, and his obsession with Gao's strength led him to join the football team because he wanted to help Gao win the championship. He is extremely dedicated to helping Hakushu win in any way he can, to the extent that he deliberately lets himself be crushed by Gao while distracting Kurita from protecting Hiruma so that the quarterback will be injured.

Hanasaka Tengu

He is the former ace of Hakushu Dinosaurs. He is only served as a comic relief. He heavily believe and obsessed with luck.

Mitsui Saburo

Kicker for the Hakushu Dinosaurs, he is quite stocky in build, has a dark complexion, a square jaw and limp, messy dark hair. When seen, he acts in overall serious manner, never seen smiling and keeps a tight frown.

He is the third best kicker out of the Kanto teams but has no aspirations to gain a higher ranking as he feels Musashi and Koutaro, the two best kickers, cannot be surpassed; this coins his humorous philosophy of "Aim for the third place in life".


Maruko "Maria" Himuro

(氷室 丸子, Himuro Maruko) Hakushu's manager, Himuro, is a serious-looking third-year student with short black hair Himuro is Marco's inspiration for playing American football, for he became smitten with her in middle school and, in an apparent attempt to woo her, he vowed to show her "the morning sunshine after a victory" by winning the Christmas Bowl. She came to admire his optimism and ambition, and at some time afterward, the two were in a close relationship, though it is unclear how intimate they were. He now calls her by the nickname "Maria", which she dislikes. Because Himuro is two years Marco's senior, the player realized that his first year in high school would be his only chance to make good on his promise. After witnessing many players injured by Gao's strength, Himuro came to despise Marco's determination to win at any cost, and they grew apart, though she remains with the team. She approaches Sena and Riku before the Seibu-Hakushu match, and tells them that they should give up midway, because she does not want to see anymore players injured by Gao. While she hates the Dinosaurs' strategy, she points out after Hakushu loses in the Kanto Tournament finals that she stayed with the team because she still admires some of Marco's traits, and has feelings for him in spite of the things he has done.


Like all teams, the Hakushuu as well have cheerleaders.

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