Hiroshi Onishi
Hiroshi Onishi
Character information
Rōmaji Ōnishi Hiroshi
Kanji 大 西洋
Gender Male
Height 204 cm
Affiliation Kyoshin Poseidon
Year 1st year
Jersey 32
Team Kyoshin Poseidon
Chapter 119th Down
Voice actors
Japanese Washimi Ryo
Image gallery

Onishi Hiroshi (大 西洋, Ōnishi Hiroshi) is a first-year linebacker for the Poseidon and is one of the two tallest high school American football player in Japan.


Onishi is the second tallest player on the team, standing at 204 cm, only 1 cm shorter than Ohira. Onishi has short yellow hair and wears black glasses. He also has a very pointy nose.

Player data

  • Height = ★★★★★
  • Power = ★★
  • Speed = ★★★
  • Technique = ★★


  • Onishi uses scented shampoo and, for some reason, he seems to refer so himself as 'me'.
  • The kanji used in Onishi's name are the same as the ones used for the Atlantic Ocean

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