Juri Sawai
92360-juri large
Character information
Rōmaji Sawai Juri
Kanji 沢井 ジュリ
Alias Julie
Gender Female
Affiliation Bando Spiders
Position Manager
Team Bando Spiders
Voice actors
Japanese Chieko Higuchi
Image gallery

Juri Sawai(沢井 ジュリ, Sawai Juri), usually called "Julie", is the manager for Bando Spiders.


Usually called "Julie", Juri is the Spiders' manager, and Kotaro's childhood friend. She often has to deal with the disagreements between Kotaro and Akaba, and she has demonstrated awareness of the fact that the two are similar in their bizarre behavior and dedication to winning football games. Julie and Kotaro has been friends since childhood, and are often seen walking home together from school. Up to now, Kotaro has said "Please go out with me!" to her three times, and her reply is always "Yeah, yeah. Now stop saying stupid things!" But she has never actually said no to him.

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