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Koutaro Sasaki
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Voiced by: Eiji Moriyama

(佐々木 光太郎, Sasaki Kōtarō) Kotaro is the skilled kicker for the Bando Spiders and leader of the kicking team. Like Akaba, he is rather eccentric, having tremendous pride in his kicks and believing kicks to be of incredible importance. However, despite their being similarly eccentric, Kotaro and Akaba do not tend to get along well, for unknown reasons. He has a one-sided rivalry with Deimon's Musashi, having heard the urban legend of Musashi's sixty-yard field goal. Nonetheless, he is an extremely good kicker, and he was scouted by Teikoku, though he rejected their offer. His kicks are extremely accurate, making each of his field goal attempts practically a guaranteed success and also allowing Bando to design plays on kickoffs based on where his kicks will land. This is especially useful when the team executes onside kicks to gain consecutive offenses in their "Spider Web" technique. In the match against Deimon, Kotaro eventually competes with Musashi in the manner he desired, and is defeated when he fails to make a 50-yard field goal while Musashi successfully makes a kick of the same distance - a difference that allows Deimon to win by a single point.. He also has a habit of describing soething he does as, "smart". In the end of the series, Kotaro attends Enma University and is on the same team as Sena, Riku, Monta, Mizumachi, Unsui, and Kurita.

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