Mihae Kobayakawa
Mihae Kobayakawa
Character information
Rōmaji Kobayakawa Mihae
Kanji こばやかわ みはえ
Gender Female
Relatives Sena Kobayakawa (Son)
Shuuma Kobayakawa (Husband)
Voice actors
Japanese Rie Nakagawa
Image gallery

Mihae Kobayakawa (こばやかわ みはえ, Kobayakawa Mihae) is the mother of Sena Kobayakawa.


Mihae appears to be a very aloof person, but despite that she wishes Sena would settle down and get together with a nice girl. She has hinted several times that Mamori and Suzuna would fit him perfectly.


Mihae's parents are from India, and they wanted to decide whom Mihae was going to marry but the thought of that made her uncomfortable and ended up marrying Sena's father, Shuuma.

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