Naosumi Kadoguchi
Naosumi kadoguchi
Character information
Rōmaji Kadoguchi Naosumi
Kanji 角口直角
Gender Male
Affiliation Amino Cyborgs
Jersey 48
40 Yard Dash 4.8 seconds
Position Cornerback
Team Amino Cyborgs
Voice actors
Japanese Hiroshi Shimozaki
Image gallery

Naosumi Kadoguchi (角口直角, Kadoguchi Naosumi) is a cornerback for Amino who has used motion capture technology to optimize his running movements to maximize his speed. His body strangely appears to be formed of polygon shapes. While fairly fast, he gives up easily on passes that he deems to be out of his reach, which allows Monta to easily defeat him.


view · talk · edit Amino Cyborgs Team
Manager/Cheerleader Nasu Hakui
Captain Atsushi Munakata
Lineman Suguru Aoyanagi
Cornerback (CB) Naosumi Kadoguchi
Mascot Amino Cyborgs Logo

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