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When Komusubi ran away, Doburoku went on an epic journey to find him. Not realizing that Komusubi had stayed in Tokyo, he went far afield, without a cell phone or any way for the team to tell him that Komusubi had been found. When Doburoku finally returned, dazed and drunk, he had with him a piglet; which he thought was Komusubi.

This piglet, being too far away from home, stayed at Deimon. Cerberus would have made Pig-Berus into tonkatsu, but Pig-Berus saved himself by pointing out that he would make a much better meal when fully grown. Pig-Berus is now a mascot and cheers alongside Cerberus.


view · talk · edit Deimon Devil Bats Team
Coach Doburoku Sakaki
Manager Mamori Anezaki
Players Yoichi HirumaSena KobayakawaRyokan KuritaTaro RaimonGen "Musashi" TakekuraKazuki JumonjiKoji KurokiShozo ToganoDaikichi KomusubiManabu YukimitsuTetsuo IshimaruYohei SatakeKenta YamaokaFutoshi OmosadakeAkira NakaboNatsuhiko Taki
Cheerleader Suzuna Taki
Mascots Big devil bat Deimon Devil Bat (Big)Deimon Devil Bat (Small)CerberusPig-Berus

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