"You are in the stand so the story will end, if I break everyone in here, their bones"

— Rikiya Gaō to Muro Satoshi in "Tyrannosaurus"

Rikiya Gaō
Character information
Rōmaji Gaō Rikiya
Kanji 峨王 力哉
Gender Male
Age 15-16 (series run)
18 (final chapter)
Birthday April 4th
Height 204 cm
Weight 130 kg
Bench press 200 kg
Affiliation Hakushū Dinosaurs
Year First Year
Jersey 70
Position Lineman
Team Hakushū Dinosaurs
Chapter 200th Down
Episode Episode 120
Voice actors
Japanese Tsuyoshi Koyama
Image gallery

Rikiya Gaō (峨王 力哉, Gaō Rikiya) is a freshman just like Sena and Monta and is the Center Line of the Hakushū Dinosaurs. Although a rookie to American football, Gaō is one of the two most powerful linemen in Japanese high school, purely because of his tremendous strength that even Shin fears.


He is two meters tall (about 6"7 or so) and has a monstrous caveman-like appearance with long wild black hair, red marks on his cheeks, and a large scar on his forehead. He holds the Japanese bench press record with over two hundred ten kilograms and is capable of destroying furniture, tearing metal guardrails, stopping still-in-motion trucks, and breaking normal people's bones with his bare hands. He wears a titanium alloy mouthpiece because his powerful jaw tears apart ordinary ones. He is shown to be able to roar like a real Dinosaur.

Rikiya Gaou roaring..


Gaō claims to have searched for someone who can match his power for his entire life, and joined the football team because Marco promised him that the most powerful teams in the country possess such individuals. He has little respect for those not willing to face him directly and tremendous respect for those who do even if they are crushed, including Banba, Kid, and Hiruma. He also honors the rules of American football and will not tackle a player who does not have the ball.he also shown to be more intelligence and perspective as he did not attack Riku when he claim that he was the one insult Banba only for Gao to correctly deduce Riku did not actually insult Banba


Kanto Tournament Arc

Gaō becomes interested in Kurita just prior to the Kanto Tournament finals, believing like many that Kurita is capable of matching or even surpassing his strength. However, once the match begins, even though the latter succeeds in holding back Gaō temporarily, the former states that Kurita lacks "killing intent," and is thus unable to match his strength. Gaō crushes Hiruma, breaking Hiruma's right throwing arm and temporarily knocking him out of the game. Although Gaō first believes this will unleash Kurita's inner strength, it at first traumatizes him, severely weakening him. Kurita eventually unleashes his inner strength, not out of anger as Gaō predicts but for the sake of protecting his friends, and for the remainder of the game the two compete fiercely. On the final play of the game, Kurita was able to defeats Gaō and knocks him onto his back due to Kurita having more experince then Gao and was able to unleash every of ounce of power he had to defeat him, allowing the Devil Bats to score the winning two-point conversion.

Christmas Bowl Arc

Gao later Coach Kurita in preperation for Deimon playing Teikoku at the Christmas Bowl

Youth World Cup Arc


Hakushu Dinosaur

Reiji Maruko

Marco often relied Gao's Strength to win all their game however Marco doesn't soley relied on Gao's Strength to win.Gao however respect Marco for teaching him the need to get to top Marco explain to him that he lacking talent he should ask other for help without hesitation or feeling shame and let love one insult them if want to get to the Top

Rival Team

Ryokan Kurita

Gao was intrested in Kurita purely because he may be the only one who can match his strength initially he believe Kurita is no match for him due to Kurita lack of killing intent however when Kurita unleash enough to stop him Relizing Kurita's potentional and that Kurita has the killing intent to protect his teammate and have a strength that Gao himself does not have and began to respect him and stated that Kurita drive cause him to unleash more power and eventually Kurita manage defeat Gao due to Kurita having more experience than Gao. Gao Then told Kurita and Member Deimon go to the Christmas Bowl

Mamoru Banba

Shien Mushankoji

Gao intially thought Kid was spiless coward who has no desire for victory however his option of him change where Kid throw a pass before Gao would crush him and was surprise that Kid know that he would not crush a player who already pass the Ball and Gao consider him the Funniest person he ever met in the end Gao manage crush Kid before he could pass

Akira Nakabo


  • In Chapter 31, Puff Party, when describing how it is shown how you are chosen to be in Offence or Defence, a picture of someone similar to Gaō is shown for defence.
  • Gaō can understand power talk.
  • Gaō has one younger sister and one younger brother. And his brother looks very much like him.
  • Gaō respects those that fight him head on.


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