Rodeo Drive
Character information
Affiliation Seibu Wild Gunmen
Team Seibu Wild Gunmen
Chapter Chapter 134
Episode Episode 68
Voice actors
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Rodeo Drive

Riku's signature technique, which he employs by using a "stiff-leg" running style while leaning his upper body forward in quick spurts, giving him explosive acceleration for seconds, therefore, making it difficult for the defense to read his step pace. He bucks his body, like in a rodeo whilst running without bending his knees. He uses this technique to make an immediate statement at the start of game against the Devil Bats by returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown. The move is based on rugby, using a technique from the game as a base.

Riku also uses this technique to stop opposing runners, by using the acceleration power he gained to push his enemies down. However, it is not effective against Shin's Spear Tackle nor Sena's Devil Bat Tornado. This technique is the parent to other techniques such as: Rodeo Drive Stampede, Trident Tackle, Roping Rodeo Drive.


  • Riku Kaitani: Creator of the move.
  • Shin Seijuro. Uses in the form of Trident Tackle, since it is formed by combining Spear Tackle with Rodeo Drive.
  • Sena Kobayakawa. Used only once while doing Trident Tackle during Oujou Match (in anime) and against the American Team (in manga).
  • Ishimaru Tetsuo: Used only once during the Christmas Bowl.(It was taught to him by Riku during the personal training before the Christmas Bowl.)[ In manga]

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