Sasuke Kanagushi
Character information
Rōmaji Kanagushi Sasuke
Gender Male
Height 166 cm (5'5")
Weight 60 kg (132 lb)
Jersey 14
  • Captain
  • Quarterback
  • Safety
Team Dokubari Scorpions
Chapter Chapter 109
Voice actors
Japanese N/A
Image gallery

Sasuke Kanagushi (金串佐助, Kanagushi Sasuke) is the Dokubari Scorpion captain quarterback and safety.




Kanagushi belief is that football is a mind game. He wears his long hair in a braid that stands up like a scorpion's tail whenever he's excited or angry. Kanagushi is able to predict the opposing team's strategies by reading the telltale signs of the players. Things such as glances, body movements and certain behaviors allow him to figure out what kind of play the other team will use. However, Hiruma already knew about Kanagushi's strategies and used several tricks (including lipstick), and his own brand of psychological warfare to confound him.

In the end, the Scorpions were stung by their own poison. In the anime Kanagushi also became Hiruma's slave, by accidentally saying his plan to capture Hiruma and keeping him away from the game aloud, giving Hiruma the chance to record it and use as blackmail. In an omake, it shows that he's slapped around frequently by his father ("I've predicted your movements! You're going to slap me on my left cheek now, aren't you?"), who's often annoyed by his abrasive personality; so, while he can predict the movements of others, it's somewhat useless.

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