Sumito Sendōda
Sumito sendoda
Character information
Rōmaji Sendōda Sumito
Kanji 仙洞田 寿人
Gender Male
Affiliation Shinryuji Naga
Position Coach
Team Shinryuji Naga
Voice actors
Image gallery

Sumito Sendōda (仙洞田 寿人) is the Coach of the Shinryuji Naga




Although he appears like a wise old sage, he is in reality the coach of Shinryuji's team. Normally, he's strict on discipline, but he turns a blind eye to Agon's behavior, since he considers him as a player that appears only once a century. However, like Agon's brother Unsui, he does recognize Deimon's offensive potential and changes the team's strategies in order to defeat them, but it wasn't enough to stop the Devil Bats from claiming victory.

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