• Miyanlove

    Teams' Colour

    June 10, 2014 by Miyanlove

    So, in process of "beautifying" the wiki, we need to chose/pick colours for each team. 2SilverClaimers suggested that we use colours from the uniform, but then again...since some teams have almost similar uniform colours, its a head-scratching task too... So here's my pick, mind you, THIS IS NOT FINALIZED YET! Anyone can suggest new colours. DID you know that there are hundreds of colour variations?!

    Teams Shortform Colours
    Deimon Devil Bats DDB #FF0000 - red
    Amino Cyborgs AC white
    Bando Spiders BS black
    Dokubari Scorpions DS #FFCC33 - Sunglow
    Hakushu Dinosours HD #ADFF2F - Green yellow
    Hashiratani Deers HTD #DAA520 - Goldenrod
    Koigahama Cupids KC pink
    Kyoshin Poseidon KP #2E8B57 - Sea Green
    Misaki Wolves MW #000080 - Navy
    Nasa Aliens / Nasa Shuttles…

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